SEAIR and Microtel Boracay Bloggers' Tour

I'd like to be part of SEAIR and Microtel Boracay Bloggers' Tour! Not only will this experience be looked with a fresh perspective as I haven't been to Boracay, I haven't flown via SEAIR, nor have I tried staying in Microtel, it will be looked upon by someone who's more than just a blogger.

My love for drawing has prompted me to prepare a comic strip to make this entry a little more interesting to read.

panel 1

panel 2

panel 3

panel 4

Do allow me to explain a bit more.

I've developed a certain habit as an artist that I realized helps me in my endeavors and consequently, blogging. How I draw naturally manifests in how I take in experiences and how I share them.

Clean Slate
A clean slate. Before I draw, I lay down clean sheets of paper on my drawing table. With an idea, I start to brainstorm on how I will present it through my cartoons.

I always find it important to take on experiences with a fresh view, a clean slate. I don't have expectations or prejudgments that can hinder the way I look at things because I don't want to miss any aspect of an experience. I find it better to let the beauty (or not) of things unfold by themselves.

I use several pens with different pen tips when I'm finalizing a cartoon. The various pens allow me to add texture in my illustrations. For example, I use a very fine tip for the face and a slightly thick pen for outlining the clothes. Details matter and the small things makes a lot of difference.

Obsessing in details can actually be a good thing, especially when I'm sharing experiences. Although the bigger picture is important, I think the smaller things create a significant impact as well. As an artist, being a keen observer comes naturally.

And so, hopefully, SEAIR and Microtel will consider me in their Boracay Bloggers' Tour because I'm a blogger with an artist's point of view who's going to let the experience surprise me. :)

Disclosure: All cartoons in this post were personally hand drawn and digitally colored by me. All rights reserved. - Rina F. Alcantara


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