Prayers For Jinky

I've recently reconnected with my former high school teacher, Joey Cumagun, via Facebook. I fondly called him Sir Joey back then. He was one of the teachers I really was able to talk to. He was a friend to many students, including myself. I'm trying to remember the subject he taught me, but my memory seems to be failing because I really can't remember. But I vividly remember how he was as our coordinator for the Social Science Club. I remember our projects and our trip to Mt. Pinatubo!

But this post is not really about Sir Joey, it's about his wife, Jinky. She's fighting stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her lungs, liver, bones, and her brain. She was diagnosed to have breast cancer last 2000. She's been in and out of the hospital ever since. After reading her story, I couldn't help but admire her for her spirit. I wish I have faith like hers. You can read about her story here -- Jinky's Story.

Photo courtesy of Joey Cumagun

The support of her family and friends is helping Jinky Cumagun fight the big C. She needs our prayers.

Here's a recent photo of their family. That's Sir Joey on the left, Jinky in the middle, and their son Tim.

Jinky Cumagun's CaringBridge Website was created to keep her relatives and friends updated with her condition. The site is maintained through donations. If you'd like to donate to CaringBridge in tribute to "Jinky", you can do so by visiting her site or simply go directly to CaringBridge Online Donations.

Sir Joey is a runner and has been joining marathons with his family for several years now. He maintains a blog at


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  1. Thank you, Rina, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

  2. You're welcome, Sir Joey. I really do admire your wife's faith.

  3. I will be including this in my prayer. God Bless us all.