Nail Art: Strawberries

I wanted something red for this nail art post and I thought of painting my nails as strawberries! The irony behind this nail art is that I don't eat strawberries! I don't even eat anything strawberry flavored. But I figured if I don't like eating them, I can wear them! :P

I was experimenting at first on how to start this nail art. My 1st attempt was to paint my nails green then I let it dry. But when I started applying the red nail polish, it didn't blend well with the green undercoat. So I did the opposite. I first applied the red nail polish before adding the green leaf on top.

Nail Art Strawberries 05
The polishes and nail art accessories that I used. Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat, black and green nail art pens, and Caronia Desire Frosted.

Nail Art Strawberries 01
This is 1 layer of base coat, 2 layers of Caronia Desire Frosted. I didn't apply any top coat yet after this.

I let this dry first before adding the strawberry leaves.

Nail Art Strawberries 02
I just drew simple triangle shapes on the uppermost part of every nail. Hmm ... it just occurred to me that this looks like tomatoes!

I drew the black dots last.

Nail Art Strawberries 03
I was actually thinking whether I should paint white dots or black dots. The latter won. I wonder if white dots would make the design more visible from a distance?

After letting the black dots dry, I applied a generous amount of top coat. :)

Nail Art Strawberries 04

I really enjoyed doing this regardless the fact that my sister thought they were watermelons when she first saw them. Well, it's not far fetched so she's forgiven.


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  1. thats so pretty; they turned out great :)

  2. Thanks, Katrina. I think I should get another shade of green.

  3. but i was quick to take it back. i really meant strawberries! O_o

  4. I think you should use nail polishes that aren't frosted. the colors would be more solid. idk but i'm not fond of using frosted polishes on nail art...

  5. I agree Kametoahiru, that I should have used a more solid color. But it was the only dark green I had. I will redo this design in the near future. :D

  6. This is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen!!

  7. Thanks so much, Freshie! :)

  8. thank u..............i tried it looks awesome....