Nail Art: No Place Like Home

I entered a nail art contest from The Daily Nail. The theme is There's No Place Like Home. Those who were interested to join were challenged to create a nail art design that reminds us of home.

This is my entry:

nail art - no place like home 02
There's No Place Like Home by Simply Rins

Each nail represents a member of my family.
Blue: Father
Green: Mother
Red: ME!
Pink: Sister
Yellow: Mumay (the family's dog)

I wanted to create a "cartoony" nail art design to represent my cartoonist side. Accidentally, I saw various sizes googly eyes in a craft store and got an idea of using them for my nail art entry.

nail art - no place like home 03

The blue colored nail on my pointer finger represents my father, who keeps pointing us to the right direction. The green colored nail on my middle finger represents my mother, who loves plants and keeps peace in our family. The red colored nail on my ring finger represents me simply because red is my signature color! The pink colored nail on my pinky finger represents my younger sister, who is literally the smallest in our family so she gets the smallest nail! Haha!

nail art - no place like home 04

There were several entries for this nail art challenge. Winners will be chosen by voting for your favorite nail art design. Just indicate in your comment who you think has the best nail art design. You can find my nail art design with the googly eyes among the entries.

If you'd like to vote for my nail art design or view all the entries, do visit The Daily Nail: There's No Place Like Home - the Vote.

I really enjoyed doing this challenge! I'm looking forward to future nail art design challenges. :)


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  1. Hey, Rina! I found your blog via Daily Nail, where you posted this manicure. I love it and I also voted for you. =) Hope you win.

  2. Hi, Nihrida! Thank you for your compliment and for you vote. :) I enjoyed doing that nail art challenge. I'm already happy with the few people who appreciated my design.

  3. Wow these are stuning! Great job :)Where did you get the eyes from? Nice blog by the way :) I followed x

  4. To Tansia, I got the eyes from a local craft store. :)