Nail Art: Cupcakes

I can't exactly remember where I saw a cupcake inspired nail art, but for today, I decided to give it a try. Here's my original version:

Nail Art Cupcakes 08
Cupcakes with sprinkles!

I used the following nail polishes for this cupcake nail art:

Nail Art Cupcakes 05

- Orly Top 2 Bottom Base and Top Coat
- Caronia Brick Red
- Essie Au Natural
- Faceshop PP403 (the purple nail polish)
- White nail polish with tip

How I did it:

Nail Art Cupcakes 01
First, I applied a layer of base coat and 2 coats of the Essie Au Natural nail polish. I decided on the color purple for the cupcake holder. I applied 2 layers of the Faceshop PP403 on the tips of my nails. To add details, I quickly drew vertical lines using a dotting tool before the polish completely dries.

Nail Art Cupcakes 03
I drew the cupcake itself with the white nail polish with tip tool and added different colors of tiny beads to act as sprinkles. I used a nail dotting tool with a very small amount of clear polish on the tip to pick up the beads and place them on my nails while the white polish is still a little wet. I then pressed the beads a little firmly down to make sure they stick to the design. I used an orange stick for pressing.

Nail Art Cupcakes 07
I added the cherries on top of the cupcake using Caronia Brick Red. I used an orange stick to create the small red dot. Just dip the orange stick into the red polish and dot on to nail until desired size is achieved.

Nail Art Cupcakes 06
Tadah! Here's how it looked after applying a generous amount of top coat. Since I've been layering with lots of nail polishes, I decided to let the design dry for at least 15 minutes before applying a top coat. On my 1st attempt, I noticed that the color of the beads bleed when I applied top coat. It's the reason I had to redo my pinky finger! Anyway, to remedy this, I applied a thick layer of top coat with light strokes.

This would be the first time that I'll be posting a picture of my right hand. First, it's hard to hold the camera with my left hand. Second, I can't draw as well with my left. But as my partner says, practice makes progress. So starting with today's nail art post, I'll be including photos of my right hand.

Nail Art Cupcakes 09
Cupcakes too on my right hand!

I just came to me that I could have used different colors for the cupcake holders!

Personal Tip:

Nail Art Cupcakes 04
When picking up the super duper tiny beads, I suggest you gather them first on one corner of your container to make it easier to get just ONE bead at a time. Dip the dotting tool first in a clear nail polish before doing this. Place your dotting tool at the edge where the beads are gathered and carefully get a bead. If you place the dotting tool on top of the pile, chances are more than 1 bead will stick to the tip. You don't want this to happen because it will waste your time and you have to work quickly before the polish on your nail completely dries.

If in case the polish on your nail dries while you're adding the tiny beads, just dot a clear polish onto your nail where you wish to put a bead.

Hmm ... makes me want to grab dessert!


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  1. ooooh these look like real! I adore this manicure =)

  2. Thank you so much! I really did enjoy doing this design. Will definitely be wearing it again with some improvements (hopefully).

  3. Awesome!!! They look good enough to eat. lol!

  4. Thanks, Rmcandlelight! :) My boyfriend literally wanted to bite them when he saw my nails!

  5. Hahaha, that's so cute. Creative too :)

  6. mmmm makes me wanna eat cupcakes!! =D

  7. I'm glad people found this design cute! :P

  8. Nice manicure. Where did you bought white nail polish tip, i saw those on eBay, was wondering whether those are good or not?

  9. Hi, Miss Pinkz! I bought them at a local store. By the time I did this nail art, I didn't have nail brushes yet nor dotting tools. I find the brushes and dotting tools more effective in painting nails. With the polish tip, you have to squeeze the bottle while working on your nail and that can get pretty tiring. :)

  10. Hey Rina,
    I've been inspired by your beautiful cupcakes =) Here is my version, I hope you don't mind me remaking it! =)

  11. Hi, Deniz! It's an honor that you did a version of my cupcake design! I'm heading to your blog to check it out right now! :)

  12. i just saw your and Deniz versions today! both are VERY beautiful :)

  13. Your compliments mean a lot. :)

  14. I actually came across your blog while searching how to stop color bleeding from the microbeads and I'm glad I did. The cupcake design is so cute X3. Need to try it out sometime. Can't wait to see more nail art designs from you.

    I tried what you did concerning the microbeads: "Anyway, to remedy this, I applied a thick layer of top coat with light strokes". However, the colors are still bleeding for me. I'm thinking the chemicals in the top coat is so strong it's melting the color coating off the microbeads. When you redid it did your microbeads bleed at all?

  15. Hi, kshugotenshi!

    The Orly Top2Bottom that I used here also allowed the beads to bleed on my first try. I think that yes, probably because of the chemicals in the top coat. The Orly Top2Bottom has a very thin consistency, that I think also contributed to the bleeding.

    I redid the cupcake design during for my 1st blogoversary mani and I used a top coat with a thicker consistency and I didn't have any bleeding problem. Based on experience also, it seems like fast drying top coat works well to avoid microbeads from bleeding.

    You can check out the cupcake design I did here:

    I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat and no bleeding.

    Good luck! Let me know how it turned out.


  17. hi! i'd love to try this one out. Hope you dont mind =)

  18. I love your nail art


  19. I have a tip for you, when picking up beads and rinestones, you can use a orange wood stick dipped in water and the static picks them up. Just a tip in case thats more easy for you.

    But I love them, cupckaes are being seen everywhere right now on nails, I better do some so Im not out of the loop :P

    Aryn from (Check me out if you want).

  20. Thanks for the tip, Aryn! I'll try that next time that I'll be working with beads or rhinestones. :)

  21. My cupcake nails is about to celebrate its 1st year anniversary! This nail design is very memorable to me. It has received a lot of appreciation and I'd like to say thank you to all the nail art enthusiasts that tried this nail design and shared it with me.

    This cupcake nail art made me love freehand nail painting. ;)

  22. with the dottingtool, you can try to put some... ehh how do you call it in english... sticky stuff, grey, ehh... i don't think there is a english word for... just... whatever, faail commment is this.. xD

    the just try it like this:

    woooooooow pretty ! i love cupcake nails, i make alot of cupcake nails myself, just because its sweeet <3

  23. Hi, nieen!
    Did you mean, glue?

    I love cupcake nails too! :)

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