Nail Art: Abstract

As much as I wanted to keep my nails longer, I was having a difficult time drawing. Holding pens with long nails for a long period of time gets uncomfortable. So I decided to cut them to my usual length.

Although I can paint my own nails, I still find time to have them clean by a professional whenever I can. Sadly, my favorite nail salon -- Cocomo Nails Spa -- will be closing today. I've been with them for more than 5 years and truly, this is very sad news. It's hard looking for a nail salon that can give me the service satisfaction I get on my every visit to Cocomo Nails Spa. I will truly miss my favorite nail technicians and those very accommodating staff. The thing is, they already know my personal preferences when it comes to my nails. The shape, the color of my polishes, my problematic nails, etc. Now, I have to scout for a new nail salon.

cocomo nails 12

I've had my share of bad experiences from various nail salons. And I'm scared that I'll be encountering some again on my search for new one. Wish me luck!

Anyway, recently, I seem to love nail polishes that has a bit of shimmer or glitters on it. Elianto's latest collection (in our country) is full of them! The first one I purchased is the Night Glitters which I already used and posted at Nail Art: Elianto's Night Glitters. During my last appointment at Cocomo Nails Spa, I brought with me another color from the same collection.

Nail Art Abstract 01
This is 1 layer of base coat, 2 coats of Elianto Burnt Umber, and a layer of top coat. Since I've been wearing nail polish almost everyday, I make sure to always have a layer of base coat to protect my nails from discoloration. Sometimes, I go on a day without polish to give my nails a rest.

I really like this color. It's like bronze!

For the nail art design, I wanted something subtle so that I wouldn't lose the beauty of the nail color.

Nail Art Abstract 02
I used the Konad m64 image plate, the gold Konad special nail polish, and some small sequins for highlights.

Nail Art Abstract 03
I hope you're liking this abstract effect because I am.


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  2. dear, can i request a tutorial on this? :)
    reply me back by dropping me msg :DDD

    p/s sorry that i deleted the comment and re-post

  3. Hi, Merrinette! Sure, I'll be posting how I did this within the week. I just used a stamping nail art and added a sequin as highlight. :)

  4. ahh good!
    will be looking forward :DDD