I Love Posh Pocket Shoes

As promised, here's an article dedicated to Posh Pocket Shoes after I purchased a black bow Poshies and won (Woot!) a red Breton Poshies!

My partner once said that wearing heels is impractical and self-torturing. Well, heels are not exactly comfortable to wear but I wouldn't say they are what he said. So he asked me why girls wear heels despite the discomfort it brings at the end of the day. I can't answer for all the women out there who loves wearing heels but personally, it makes me feel sexy, confident, smart, and classy.

Posh Pocket Shoes 016
This is one of my favorite wedge heeled shoes. Although the insoles are cushioned, at some point, I would always want to slip into a more comfortable pair of shoes. This usually happens after standing for several hours or right after an event.

Unfortunately, in order to change into a more comfortable pair of shoes, I need to go back to the car or bring a relatively large bag. And so I'm glad that I found Posh Pocket Shoes! Now I can change into my comfy ballerina flats anytime and anywhere! How? Because POSH (PO-cket SH-oes) are foldable, rollable, portable yet chic ballet flats that fit in your purse!

My order of Black Bow Posh Pocket Shoes came in last Thursday (29 July 2010) morning. I was excited. I've been waiting for it for days!

Posh Pocket Shoes 001
Every Posh Pocket Shoes comes with a mini purse that turns into a mini tote bag. In its purse form, it is approximately 7in wide and 5 1/2in tall. When transformed into a tote bag, it is approximately 7in wide and 11in tall (not including the handle).

Posh Pocket Shoes 002 Posh Pocket Shoes 006
And so anytime my feet gets tired, I can simply get my Poshies from my bag and change! I don't even have to worry where to put my heels because the purse transforms into a tote bag that you can either hand carry or wear it as a shoulder bag. Genius!

Posh Pocket Shoes 019
The tote bag will fit any heeled type shoes with ease.

Posh Pocket Shoes recently held a contest through their Facebook Page. They were giving away a brand new red Breton slip on to the winner! Luckily, my entry got selected! Hurrah! Red has been my signature color and when I found out that I won, my heart literally skipped! Red shoes! I decided to get the pair the following day at the SuperSale Bazaar at Rockwell Tent, where Posh Pocket Shoes is participating.

Posh Pocket Shoes 005
Posing with Nadine de Guzman, designer and owner of Posh Pocket Shoes. Thank you for the opportunity of winning this fabulous red Breton slip on shoes!

I wore my Poshies right after I got them to test it and see if it held on to its promises. It's chic, compact, and comfortable. Oh, and I must add, the price is very reasonable and affordable. Definitely a must have for every girl.

Posh Pocket Shoes 020
The Black Bow Poshies. Simple, classic, never goes out of style. These are the things you can expect from the designs of Posh Pocket Shoes.

I overheard a customer from the bazaar suggesting more designs for Posh Pocket Shoes. I hope she's only referring to color because I truly love the classic designs of Poshies. Classic is timeless!

Unlike most brand new shoes that hurt the back of your heel, Posh Pocket Shoes didn't hurt a bit!

Posh Pocket Shoes 027
This is the back of my Black Bow Poshies. I wore it the entire day today and it didn't hurt the back of my heel, which I would normally expect from a brand new pair of shoes. The materials used are really soft and the quality of stitches doesn't have any protruding marks that can hurt your feet when the shoes is new.

Posh Pocket Shoes 028
This is the back of my red Breton Poshies which I wore right after I got it from the bazaar. Like the black bow flats, it also didn't hurt my feet. No sore marks or blisters that most brand new shoes will give.

Here are a few personal tips when you order your Poshies:

Shoe Size: When deciding what size to order, measure the length of your bare feet in inches or in centimeters. Posh Pocket Shoes provides a shoe size table for your reference. It is important to note that the measurements found in the table provided is the actual length of the shoes themselves and not the insole. So after measuring your bare feet, make sure you give allowance to the size that you should order. For example, my bare feet measures 9 inches. This is a size 5 on Posh Pocket Shoes' size table. If I get the size 5, it would not fit me because the insole will be less than 9 inches. I got the size 6 which measures 9 1/4 inches and it fits me just right.

Storing your Poshies in the mini purse: I found it a little hard to put my Poshies into the purse. After folding one shoe, you need to hold it together until you place them inside the purse. This is quite a problem because you need for fold the other shoe and put in inside the purse as well. It's also quite difficult zipping the bag once you get the shoes inside. However, I think I found a way around it.

Posh Pocket Shoes 007
1. Roll out the bag on any surface. Even your lap will do. :)

Posh Pocket Shoes 008
2. Bring in the bag handle.

Posh Pocket Shoes 009
3. Fold the purse in the center.

Posh Pocket Shoes 010
4. Partially zip the purse approximately 1/3 of the way.

Posh Pocket Shoes 011
5. Fold one of your Poshies in the center. If it has a ribbon like my black bow, make sure you fix it in such a way the bow will not be folded as well.

Posh Pocket Shoes 012
6. Place the folded shoe into the zipped side of the purse.

Posh Pocket Shoes 013
7. Continue to zip the purse half way. This will secure the 1st shoe that you already placed inside and you don't have to worry about it unfolding.

Posh Pocket Shoes 014
8. Fold the other shoe and put it inside the purse.

Posh Pocket Shoes 015
9. Completely zip the mini purse and you're done!

Taking care of your Posh Pocket Shoes: Although these amazing and comfortable foldable shoes comes with a mini purse, I suggest you unfold them and simply place your Poshies in the transformed tote bag if you're not going to be bringing the shoes.

Getting wet and dirty: One of my concerns is getting the bag wet and dirty. What if my the soles of my heels are wet or muddy? One solution is to bring a mini plastic and place it inside the purse just in case something like this happens. If you forget or simply do not like the idea, the bag is fully washable.

Here are pictures of me wearing my 2 lovely Posh Pocket Shoes:

Posh Pocket Shoes 025 Posh Pocket Shoes 026
The Black Bow Poshies is very versatile. I highly recommend you get this one. The Red Breton Poshies is an attention getter! My partner and I noticed how people look at them while we were strolling inside a mall. And the shape is just perfect!

You may view the entire catalogue and order online at the Posh Pocket Shoes Website.

I do not have any regrets purchasing my very own Posh Pocket Shoes. Hopefully I'll get a bigger discount when I order my 3rd pair. ;)

P.S. Posh Pocket Shoes is at the SuperSale Bazaar in Rockwell Tent until August 01, 2010.


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  1. What a great idea! I can think of lots of times these would have come in very handy for me.

  2. Hi, Karen! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, these compact shoes are lifesavers when your feet is hurting at the end of any day! :)

  3. Hi, have you also tried Suelas (http://www.suelasonline.com/) na? They're also very comfy. I discovered them first before Posh kasi. I'm getting my 1st pair of Posh next week - the nude version of your black bow. Hoping talaga that they're as comfy as Suelas. I love how convenient these folding flats are!

  4. Hi, Starlitgrove!

    I've seen Suelas before na but I guess I wasn't enticed to get a pair. I would suggest they offer a clearer pictures of their shoes and place them in a gallery so that it would be easier to browse through them. :)

    You'll be satisfied with the comfort of Posh pocket shoes. So far I have 2 pairs and still trying to get a hold of myself from purchasing another pair! Poshies give you something extra by providing the mini purse that turns into a tote bag! How convenient is that, right?

    Good luck on your purchase!

  5. Hi! are they sizes really that big? because normally from other stores, i am purchasing a size 7, most of the time. but i checked the posh shoe size table and i'm only size 6 with that.

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