3D Nail Art Accessories

I'm sure you already know by now that I love nail art. Ever since I gave in to my nail art addiction, I've been trying to scout for tools and accessories. Oh, and I have to mention that I've been hauling on nail polishes! Haha! Anyway, I found a few local suppliers of 3D nail art accessories but the price was way too high! Luckily, further persistence landed me a good deal so I took it.

Since I wasn't in a hurry to get my items and actually, I was on a budget, I opted for the cheapest shipping rate that promised to have the items delivered in 2-3 weeks. My anticipation ended when I received via post mail a notification that my package arrived last August 10, 2010 and I could already pick it up at the Philippine Postal Office!

3D Nail Accessories 01
The much anticipated package!

It was my 1st time to get something from the Postal Office so I asked my Tatay (Father) to accompany me. He even drove us there! *hugs*

It's a pity I wasn't able to take a photo of the notice I got from the Postal Office. I guess I was pretty excited to just get the parcel! Anyway, it simply stated that my package arrived and I should get it in 30 days or else it will be disposed accordingly. Since the shipping address was somewhere in Quezon City, I was asked to get the item at the Philippine Postal Corporation in NIA Road, Quezon City. I must say, it was quite big. It was like a bank with more than 30 windows, just like the one's in most banks where the tellers are situated. The notice I received indicated that I should be claiming my parcel at Window 37. And so I did. The kind lady behind Window 37 just asked me for a valid ID, checked the records, and instructed me which window I should go to next. After paying a postal fee of P40, I got my package. The entire procedure only took approximately 5 minutes. Amazing!

So what's in the package? 3D nail art accessories!

3D Nail Accessories 02
5 Nail Art Manicure Wheels with 3D Designs, Glitters, Rhinestones, and Beads. A total of over 7000pcs!

Each wheel is 6cm is diameter and has a dozen unique designs. That's a total of 60 designs! My partner and I found a set being sold at Market! Market! in Taguig City for Php200 per wheel (!) or approximately $4 per wheel. I also found some online sellers via Multiply who sells nail art manicure wheels for the same price. The one I spotted though, in Market! Market! is 8cm in diameter. Regardless, it was still pricey.

I also noticed that there were more designs included in the package compared to the others that I found locally. The 3D nail art manicure wheels available here are mostly rhinestones of different colors and shapes. Here's a peek into some 3D nail art designs that I recently acquired:

3D Nail Accessories 03
Translucent flowers that changes color depending on how the light hits it.

3D Nail Accessories 04
I call these doughnut stars, simply because it has a hole in the middle.

3D Nail Accessories 05
Super mini sequins!

3D Nail Accessories 06
The most popular rhinestones!

3D Nail Accessories 07
Hmm ... tadpoles?

3D Nail Accessories 08
These reminds me of fish eggs!

The other item I ordered is ...

3D Nail Accessories 09
100pcs 3D Fimo Canes Sticks!

I've been seeing a lot of nail art with fimo canes but I couldn't find a local supplier. I did however, chanced upon a merchant at a recently concluded Bazaar who sold a stick of fimo canes for Php50 per rod! That's approximately $1 for every stick! Holy cow! Good thing I found a supplier who sold them by bulk for a reasonable price.

3D Nail Accessories 10
To use, cut into thin slices. Aren't they adorable?

Too many nail art design possibilities! Even my sister loves them!

I couldn't resist not cutting a few slices to get the feel of it. The thinner the slice, the better. Please be very careful when cutting. I used a large cutter for better handling and a cutting board.

3D Nail Accessories 11
My 1st attempt in cutting a fimo nail art cane stick.

3D Nail Accessories 12
Each 3D fimo nail art cane stick measures approximately 5cm each.

Fimo is actually a brand of polymer clay. I can't wait to use all of these 3D nail art accessories!


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  1. wow, these look so cool, you are gonna have so much fun with all this!!!

  2. Hi, AggiePigeon! I can't wait to use them! :P

  3. hello! could i just ask where did you buy these, because, i've been looking for a while and somehow, there are all very expensive. thanks~

  4. Hi, Kametoahiru! Please let me know your email address so I can properly reply to your inquiry. :)

  5. hello, i found your site in the hopes of finding ideas for making my very own nail art. instead, i found something better! :) yes, they sell it at 50/cane but we have local sellers who also give great discounts on bulk.. :) type in fimo sticks at sulit.com.ph and the top listed seller is the best deal that i could find. where did you buy your bulk fimo sticks? im so like into them po kasi.hehe you have designs that local canes do not have..how much po yung bulk and which site if you may po? thanks, and more power to our nail art! :)

  6. Hi, Kymiko MIsao! Thanks for visiting Simply Rins! Unfortunately, I only found out a good deal locally regarding fimo canes after I purchased mine online thru amazon.com

  7. Hi may I know where did you buy ur bulk fimo sticks? and how much? my email ad is ang.anneli@yahoo.com hope you could help me :)

  8. hi there! i'm looking for these too. can you email me sis where you bought these? i would really appreciate it. my email addy is mykisses14@yahoo.com. thanks so much!

  9. These are available at 168 mall and there are sellers via multiply that sells these. :)

  10. hi sis, thanks! i checked amazon also but i'm having problems on having them shipped here :( it said that they don't ship it on the address that i filled in

  11. hi. Im Kymiko Misao :)

    uhm..a shop at divisoria sells fimo sticks for 6 pcs for 100php. a good deal for me! :) so i purchased 6 of them immediately. :) hehe an online friend of mine sells fimo for 20php per stick so I think it's a fine deal too :) I'll give you girls the link and you could follow her there. She sells many stuffs that you need for our nail vanity at a very reasonable price. :)

    I have two online sellers here and I think you have to be a member of this networking site first..

    here are the links..hope this helps :)




  12. hi! can give you 100 canes of fimo sticks for 1600php... contact me if interested.. :) createth@gmail.com

  13. OMG where did you buy all of these?? KAwaii^^

  14. My email ad: airam116@yahoo.com
    Pls send me where did u buy these. Is d company still in existence? TY.