Severe Water Crisis

Several barangays here in Quezon City are experiencing severe water crisis for more than a week already. We may not be affected by floods during rainy days, but we are very much affected when there's shortage in water supply. The last time we encountered water interruption was last summer, during the months of April to May. But back then, at least water came on a regular basis during the wee hours of the morning for at least 5 hours. Now, there's not even a drop of water!

The last few days has been really frustrating. Water is a basic necessity and now we are deprived of it.

This morning, I heard people running along our street with drums and pails. When I went out, people were lining up to get their ration of water from a Maynilad Waters truck.

Water Crisis July 2010 001
People from our barangay lining up, hoping that they'll be given enough water.

Because there was only one truck from Maynilad, not everyone in line was able to get their share of water. There weren't any clear guidelines as well as to the amount of water a household can get. People who do not have drums, fell in line with a few portable water containers. So those who came with larger containers definitely had a larger share. Consequently, people behind the line went home empty handed.

Water Crisis July 2010 005
It was hard for Maynilad personnel to organize the people in line. People were trying get ahead. I saw a lot of insensitive people who mindlessly go in front of the line and disregard those that came in before them. I can't really blame these people. Living for days without water can really drive you to act desperately.

Maynilad personnel also required people in line to present a recent Maynilad receipt before they were given water. This was unfortunate for those who didn't have any company in line. They were forced to run home and get their receipt.

Water Crisis July 2010 011
The crowd appeared only a matter of minutes after the Maynilad truck arrived.

Maynilad released an advisory that this water crisis will extend until July 23, 2010. But with the rate this is going, I'm pessimistic about the forecast. But I do hope that rain comes soon. Our laundry is starting to pile up and I really do miss hot showers!


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  1. times like this, i really feel that EVERY DROP COUNTS! :D Maynilad can explain all they want, but I JUST WANT WATER!