Potpot Loves Eastwood City!

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Potpot. She was a simple girl, very easy to please. She is active and enjoys discovering new places. Potpot have lots of friends. She also has a sister named Mumay, who owns a dog named Tintin.

One day ...

potpot and mumay

And so Potpot and Mumay decided to visit Eastwood City on one lazy afternoon. Both girls didn't know what to expect. Potpot thought it would be a typical mall with overwhelming crowd. Potpot hates crowd. But since she had nothing to do that day and she haven't been to Eastwood City, she figured she should give it a chance. Mumay, on the other hand, was a bit excited. Like Potpot, she likes going to malls because the walking will burn her excess calories! Yay! Let's just keep that a secret.

Eastwood Mall 001

Potpot was immediately mesmerized by Eastwood City's facade. I believe Mumay was too. It was a memorable day for both Potpot and Mumay. Eastwood City became their favorite place after their visit. They just couldn't stop talking about it! Potpot claims that there are too many things to love about Eastwood City!

1. Eastwood City is unique.
Potpot first noticed the facade and the layout of Eastwood. It has its own individuality that makes it NOT your typical shopping mall because it gave her the option to enjoy her usual shopping routine or to simply relax and enjoy the landscape from outside. Most of the malls that Potpot goes to are fully indoor, wherein she can't even tell whether or not it's raining outside!

2. Eastwood City understands that details matters.
Both Potpot and Mumay were amazed how the place paid attention to details on furniture, lighting, and design. Potpot said, "It's beautiful wherever you look!" She further explained by giving examples:

Eastwood Mall 021
Notice the play of colors with the wall paints and the lights. It's very pleasing to the eye. The light purple area on top is actually a viewing deck which you can access whether you're inside or outside the mall. From there, you'll have a different view of the landscape. The architectural design and the lighting contributes to Eastwood City's beauty. Potpot gave Eastwood a two thumbs up for not taking for granted these details. People would always want to go back to a nice place.

Eastwood Mall 009It's a bird!
It's a plane!
No, it's a table!

Yes, it's a table inside Eastwood Mall. This is another example of how Eastwood understands the appeal of beautiful things! This table is located at the dining or waiting area beside the ticket booth at the cinemas. Eastwood gives attention even to furniture! Potpot and Mumay wanted to stay here for awhile but they were too anxious to explore what other things Eastwood City has to offer.

3. Eastwood City takes precautions for safety and security.
Potpot raves that Eastwood City have security personnels that takes care of security. This actually gives visitors a high sense of security. Knowing that you have some sort of protection against bad people is definitely a plus! Prevention is always better! Even the parking lots have surveillance cameras and roving security guards.

Eastwood Mall 016
Mumay took this photo when she and Potpot were about to cross a main road from Eastwood City Walk to Eastwood Mall. Even though there's a pedestrian lane, Eastwood City made sure that motorist and pedestrians avoid accidents by providing a traffic enforcer. This person holds a STOP and GO sign to signal car drivers and people who are about to cross whether it is their time to pass or not. Potpot shares how admiring this is because it promotes discipline for both motorists and pedestrians.

4. Eastwood City loves nature!
Potpot lives in a city and one of its disadvantages is that she seldom enjoys nature unless she and her friends have an out of town trip. However, her visit to Eastwood City proved that she can live in the city and still enjoy nature! Thanks to Eastwood for going GREEN! It actually adds to the relaxing feel that visitors enjoys.

5.Eastwood City is a dog-friendly environment and encourages responsible pet ownership.

Potpot and Mumay came across this monument during their visit to Eastwood City:

Eastwood Mall 004
Now dog owners can enjoy malling with their dogs! You can even bring your doggies inside Eastwood Mall. Just be a responsible pet owner.

Potpot even came across this:

Eastwood Mall 005It's a Pet Station!

It has a rolled tissue paper dispenser in the middle and a mini trash bin at the bottom. This is a brilliant idea from Eastwood City! Now, pet owners do not have an excuse when their dogs poops! Eastwood has provided them access to things that they need to look after their pets. Eastwood City actually made it easier to become responsible pet owners!

The pet station was very helpful when Mumay left Tintin with Potpot.

Interesting Fact: PCCI (Philippine Canine Club Incorporated) awarded Eastwood City as the first PET FRIENDLY CITY in the Philippines last August 31, 2008!

6. Eastwood City promotes cleanliness.
Potpot says that in Eastwood City, finding a trash can is never a problem. You can find them everywhere!

Eastwood Mall 020
Does it irritate you sometimes when you need to throw away something and you can't find a trash can? Potpot attests to this because it happened to her several times when she visits other shopping malls. Eastwood City encourages its visitors to maintain the vicinity clean by doing their share on making sure they throw away their trash properly.

7. Eastwood City holds bazaars!

Eastwood Mall 018
Surely, Potpot was delighted when she saw this bazaar at Eastwood City! Practically every girl loves bargains! Potpot bought a new red shirt and a pink shirt for Mumay!

vanity fair 2010 eastwood cityIn fact, Potpot already jotted down this Vanity Fair happening next week! Mumay made no complaints about it. Both were very excited to look for good finds! All year round, Eastwood City hold bazaars. Just make sure you regularly check their site for updates. Promotional materials are also posted within the vicinity.

8. Eastwood City is creative!

Eastwood Mall 017Potpot is the kind of girl that doesn't feel comfortable wearing a watch. Look how Eastwood tells the time! Instead of having the usual wall clock, you just need to look up and you'll this clock tower! It has become a landmark.

Eastwood Mall 023
This is a bench Potpot found inside Eastwood Mall. Every floor has unique set of seats for tired shoppers.

Eastwood Mall 008Mumay found this set on the floor where the cinemas are! Cool! Eastwood City makes it fun for you even if you're just sitting! Again, the girls would have loved to stay here and chat but they were still too curious about the other things that makes Eastwood lovable!

9. Eastwood City organizes seasonal and non-seasonal events.

Eastwood Mall 010Potpot already made plans of going back to Eastwood City even before going home during her 1st visit with Mumay. Simply because she found out that Eastwood celebrates special occasions by coming up with events. They also hold concerts of various artists, local and international alike!

Most of these concerts are admission free! On July 16, 2010, the girls are also planning to watch the most talented girl in the world - Charice Pempengco -- live at Eastwood Mall open park! This picture taken by photo is the actual site where Charice will perform!

Last 2008, international artist Mandy Moore performed in Eastwood City. America's platinum-selling romantic piano sensation Jim Brickman also performed last year at Eastwood City.

Eastwood City also celebrates with its visitors seasonal events such as Father's and Mother's Day, Easter Sunday, New Year, etc.

Baby and Mommy Fair 2010 Eastwood City
Mother's Day has become more exciting to celebrate with this event!

10. Eastwood City has accommodating staffs.
Since it was Potpot's and Mumay's 1st time in Eastwood City, they got a little confused where to go. It's a good thing that the people in the concierge and the information booth were very helpful and kind to answer any of their questions or give them directions.

11. Eastwood City houses state-of-the-art cinemas.

Eastwood Mall 026
For movie fanatics like Potpot, it's important that the movie theater is equipped with updated sound and digital technology, comfortable seats, ample leg room, and clean. Potpot and Mumay was not able to resist watching Eclipse at Eastwood Mall Cinemas during their visit. They came out very satisfied.

Last year, Eastwood City opened Ultra 7, the cinema that offers a new movie watching experience. It's composed of very comfy reclining seats that are arranged in pairs. For the price ticket, you'll get unlimited popcorn and drinks! Movies in 3D are also now available at the Eastwood Cinemas.

12. Eastwood City is also a place for kids!

Eastwood City 006
Eastwood City also provides attractions for kids. Last weekend, Potpot and Mumay were able to play with a giant inflatable Mr. Tomas train.

There's also Timezone located at the topmost floor of Eastwood Mall, beside the cinemas, where you can take kids to play. Or simply bring them at the open park where they can play with their skateboard, roller blade, mini bikes, or just play an outdoor game.

13. Eastwood City have clean restrooms.

Eastwood Mall 022
The girls very much appreciate clean and well-maintained restrooms. Seeing how neat an area is makes any user feel ashamed of not using the facilities properly. A personnel is assigned to regularly check the comfort rooms and make sure that everything is tidy and supplies such as liquid soap and toilet papers are available.

14. Eastwood City gives you a feeling of tranquility.
The landscape of Eastwood City promotes the feeling of calmness and peacefulness. It was a good idea that Potpot invited Mumay here so both of them can relax and escape the stress of city life!

Eastwood Mall 003
A natural landscape and large spaces such as those found in Eastwood City gives a relaxing feel. If you're looking for a quick escape from a stressful day, Eastwood City offers you the place to be.

Eastwood Mall 019
The presence of water like this fountain and the pond-like area in front of Eastwood Mall contributes to the place's tranquility.

15. Eastwood City gives visitors a chance to walk with the stars!

Eastwood Mall 011Our 2 adventurers enjoyed Eastwood City's Walk of Fame. Mr. Joseph Bayana, a history professor from the University of Asia and the Pacific, thought of and founded this project. This is the Philippine version of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The project was inaugurated last October 2005 and since then, many more artists or celebrities were included in the Walk of Fame with their names and footprints or hand prints.

Eastwood City made it easier for people to remember these famous people, who, at one way or another, touched and inspired a lot of us.

Potpot aims to be part of this Walk of Fame in the future! Haha!

16. Eastwood City is spacious!

Eastwood Mall 006
Shopping is made easier by Eastwood City by providing ample space to walk on. No need to worry about bumping to people. The halls are large enough to make every shopper comfortable. Even the pets will enjoy this much space!

Eastwood Mall 014
Kids can play at this open park that is large enough for anyone. This is where Potpot and Mumay took Tintin (Mumay's pet dog) to run and play! Remember to put your doggies on leash every time!

17. Eastwood City provides a vast array of food choices!

Eastwood City 074People love to eat. That's a fact. That includes Potpot and Mumay. The latter, particularly. Whatever it is you're craving, Eastwood City has it. The girls had to debate a little where to eat with so many restaurants to choose from! Most diners have an outside area if you want to eat in an open area. If you have your pet dog with you, this is the option you should choose.

Coffee shops and dessert havens can also be seen around Eastwood City. Potpot wanted to try them all but decided there are other days to try the other restaurants.

There are also bars for people who enjoy the night life.

18. Eastwood City sometimes have contests, promos or raffles!

Eastwood City Raffle
Potpot and Mumay were in luck during their visit to Eastwood City because this month, it has a promo that gives them a chance to win plane tickets going to Boracay! This is added value to shoppers!

Eastwood City is also currently having a contest to thank all their loyal customers and fans through their Facebook fan page! This article is an entry to that contest. :)

19. Eastwood City has a daily Musical Water Show!

Potpot was amazed when she saw this:

Eastwood Mall 002
In the evening, lights would make this dancing fountain look more dramatic. Each set is accompanied by popular jazz or pop music. It's located at the Eastwood Open Park where you can view it while relaxing on a bench or a nearby ledge.

20. Eastwood City looks spectacular both day and night.

Eastwood Mall 024
Potpot was already asking Mumay to go home when the sun was setting. But she changed her mind when she saw that Eastwood City looks great even at night. Lights decorates the surrounding buildings and the landscapes! Eastwood's appeal doesn't fade when the sun sets. And so, the girl stayed a little bit longer.

After several hours of exploring and shopping at Eastwood City, it was time for Potpot and Mumay to head home. But they would definitely be back to enjoy this lovely place on another day.

The End.


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