Nail Art: Sole Mate and Glowing

Before discovering Konad Stamping Nail Art, I was always on the look out for 3D nail art stickers. I find them easy to use and they look gorgeous. While I was arranging my nail stuff, I found a few nail art stickers and decided to use them. Here's the result:

Nail Art Sole Mate 01
This is 2 coats of Essie Sole Mate. When applied, it looks like plum in color. I applied 1 layer of top coat after placing the nail art stickers.

I was surprised though when I was about to sleep and turned off the lights.

Nail Art Sole Mate 02
The stickers glow in the dark! I just have to take a picture! It took me several takes before I was able to capture the effect in photo. It doesn't last though. After half an hour, the glow disappears. You have to "recharge" the stickers with light to see the effect again.

I can't remember if the stickers I bought were really glow in the dark type. I usually take them off the packaging as soon as I get home and place them in another plastic containing all my other nail art stickers.


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