My Love For Butterflies

To close friends, it's not a secret how I admire butterflies. In face, my favorite quote is that of a butterfly:

"Don't chase a butterfly unless you're ready to catch it."

Most of my gadgets have butterfly stickers, like my Wacom Intuous 4. I have a couple of butterfly key chains as well, given by my mother as a gift. My mini studio also houses a few butterfly decors which are mostly gifts from friends.

I have a new addition to my butterfly collection:

butterfly phone decor
A butterfly phone decor I found at Fully Booked.

I admit that this is impulsive buying. The partner always enjoy browsing bookstores. During one of our "us" day, I spotted this butterfly phone decor and immediately bought it without hesitation. I prefer it be in the shade of red though. *wink*

So why butterflies?

There are various symbolic meaning for the butterfly. The most common is that it represents change. But I am drawn more to it symbolizing freedom, fun, and beauty. I would like my life to be all these.


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