Why I love Pacsafe

I was first introduced to Pacsafe by my mother. A few years back, she gave me one as a present for my birthday. I loved it ever since because it's fashionable, functional, and gives me a high sense of security.

My Pacsafe Citisafe 100. It has been my constant companion. A very versatile design. I use it during casual days and even during semi-formal occasions. I love that the strap is adjustable to conform to my moods. I can use it as a shoulder bag or extend the strap so I can hang it as a body bag.

Pacsafe is known for its anti-theft bags and travel security products. My Citisafe 100 is no exception! Living in Manila, where crowd is everywhere, it is inevitable that one becomes paranoid to securing one's belongings. As a girl, I'm always mindful of my bag wherever I go. With my Pacsafe, my paranoia is lessened and I could concentrate more on other things.

These are the 4 features that makes any Pacsafe product unique. I know that my valuables are protected inside my Citisafe 100 because of these security features.

A sad incident happened to me one Christmas season when I lost my wallet while shopping. I only noticed that my bag's zipper was partially open and my wallet gone when I was about to pay for an item I was buying. With tamperproof zippers, it would be difficult for any person to open your bag without you knowing. With my Citisafe 100, I don't need to worry about such incidents anymore. I just attach a separate metal clip found at the back of the shoulder strap to the zipper lock.

Another safety feature of Pacsafe is the snatchproof anchor clips/locks. There are times when we just need to put our bags down, when we're dining for example. This scenario makes us very vulnerable to thieves because as we concentrate on our meal or to the conversation we're having with our companion, we pay less attention to our bags. I've been making it a habit to place my bag in my lap. But there are incidents wherein it becomes bothersome when eating. With snatchproof anchor clips, you can fasten your Pacsafe to a permanent fixture or to your chair. This way, it would be difficult for any culprit to get your bag.

Pacsafe bags are also made of eXomesh® slashguard in the lower front and bottom panels and a slashproof adjustable shoulder strap. This means that it's not easy to cut or slash the strap and the part that thieves target, i.e. the lower part of your bag. It just makes sense! All our valuables will definitely be at the bottom of our bags. These slashguards are heavy duty light-weight metals that comprises vulnerable parts of every Pacsafe.

The Citisafe 100 have 2 outside pockets on both sides. These are very useful for tucking business cards, receipts, a pen, loose coins, etc.

I also love the organizing pockets found inside the Citisafe 100. I really don't have to worry about making a clutter inside my bag. There are 2 big pockets on the side. It is in these pockets where I keep my cash or important documents like my passport. The incorporated card organizer is not only useful, it is a space saver! The compartment with a strap can keep your gadgets. You will also notice 2 small pockets on each side. These are also great for keeping receipts, loose papers, pens, etc.

We now live in a world where we are surrounded by gadgets! They make our lives easier, so to speak. These are some of the gadgets I've acquired through the years. They are now becoming a constant companion wherever I go. These things are too important or valuable and to lose any of them will hassle me.

Suddenly, my Pacsafe Citisafe 100 became too small to accommodate my things whenever I need to bring my gadget friends along with me. I bought a backpack for my laptop and a separate bag for my camera. But I like the safety of my Pacsafe. And then I saw this in the Pacsafe catalogue:

It's the Pacsafe Centrosafe! Look! I can store my laptop and my other gadgets in just one bag and with security features to boot! Will be saving up for this one!

Although Pacsafe offers us these security features, we also need to do our share in securing our belongings. Remember, it always takes 2 to tango. :)


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