Presenting BUM's Collar-Ups Collection

BUM is one of the country's leading brands in teen's wear apparel. Their motto -- to innovate and to dominate. BUM Equipment, Inc. understands its market pretty well. Teenagers are very unpredictable and enjoys freedom of expression, especially when it comes to fashion.

In time for school opening this year, BUM presents its Collar-Ups Collection.

The Collar-Ups Collection speaks of a whole new fashion statement: wearing collared shirts with a twist. The collection is for both male and female. The collar should be worn upright to flaunt the fashionable colors!

Here are more samples from the collection:

BUM continues to adapt and respond to its market's demand by offering a variety of reasonably priced teen's apparel that's both updated and stylish.

I personally love the diversity in colors and how BUM applies it to both male and female apparels. I believe in individuality and it's important to people nowadays, youth or not, to be different. BUM captured this value in their line.

In September, watch out for BUM's introduction of their black and white inspired collection. Here's a glimpse of what to look forward to in the coming months:

Gothic grunge is the brand's flagship. We can see and feel this in all their collections. If I were a boy (IF! I love being a girl!) I would definitely buy one of those laminated jackets (see left photo). I wonder if it's available for ladies. Will definitely check that one out once it hits the stores!

From their press release: Personal empowerment is sewn in every collection, hence, the "he wore/she wore" character embedded in every piece of apparel.

The collared shirt on the left is another favorite of mine. It's looks really sexy. Will be checking that one out also when this collection is released. Sheesh, am I too old for these collections? Haha!

On the side ...

Thank you BUM for a wonderful event. My partner and I enjoyed our first candlelight dinner (so to speak).

BUM's apparel is available at all leading department stores. Do check their latest Collar-Ups Collection. It would be definitely a topic for conversation.


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