Nail Art: Sex and the City 2

Ever since a confirmation was made last February 2009 that Sex and the City (the movie) will have a sequel, people have been anticipating its release in the cinemas. That includes me! What should I wear? What color should my nails wear? Haha!

Schedule of regular showing here in Manila was moved from May 27, 2010 to June 02, 2010. That's tomorrow! I will not be able to stand to not watch Sex and the City 2 on its first showing day so I've reserved 2 movie tickets in advance. What more is there than to watch a fabulous movie with my wonderful partner! :)

My expectations are quite high for the sequel as I really liked the 1st one. I have to wait for a few more hours to see the movie.

Anyway, I asked nanay if she wanted to join me for a nail spa. She has been my regular nail spa companion for years! Apparently, I got my nail fetish from her. We usually bring our own nail polish. But tonight, I decided to try a shade of pink as it reminds me of Sex and the City. I'm not fond of the pink color but I was in the mood to be girly, so to speak, for the movie. I chose a shimmering hot pink shade and spiced it with butterfly and flower nail stickers! :)

Applications: 1 layer of base and top coat, 2 layers of the hot pink nail polish.

I was scrutinizing the nail polish and could not find any sort of branding. At the bottom, I only found a sticker that says -- 284 Ruby Foil.


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