Ma Mon Luk: Still One of the Best

I spent almost the entire day with my father last Tuesday. For lunch, he gave me the prerogative to choose where we will eat. I immediately thought of soup noodles! I didn't want to divert from our route going home. Thankfully, Ma Mon Luk at Quezon Avenue is along the way. My father didn't argue a bit when I told him where I wanted to have lunch. :)

Ever since I can remember, Ma Mon Luk's interiors look exactly the same. Walls are still decorated by news articles or newspaper clippings that pertains to the restaurant. The tables are still made out of marble. There's still no air-conditioning though.

Ma Mon Luk is actually the name of the Chinese Filipino who put up this restaurant here in the Philippines. The first Ma Mon Luk opened in Binondo, Manila. It is popular for its siopao and mami (noodles)! There has been more than a handful of Ma Mon Luk restaurants during the 90s. However, only 2 branches remain as of date. One in Quezon Avenue, corner Banawe St. in Quezon City, the other in Quezon Blvd. in Quiapo.

My favorite Chicken Mami! I can personally say that nothing beats the taste of Ma Mon Luk's soup and egg noodles! I'm sure my father feels the same way. He usually dislikes restaurants that doesn't have air-conditioning because he easily perspire. The good food was worth the sweat!

Ma Mon Luk's famous special siopao! Its taste is enhanced by the restaurant's secret sauce. I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of that sauce. I will update this post on my next visit to Ma Mon Luk.

The siomai is a little too dry.

I recommend this to all those who haven't experienced Ma Mon Luk's mami and siopao. If you get lost (or not) somewhere in Quezon City or Manila, make sure to drop by in any of their branches.


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  1. Oooh! The chicken mami photo made me drool!

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