Fancy Shoelaces

My sister did something to her running shoes ...

shoelace 01
She replaced the usual white shoelace with a fuchsia colored one with stars, to give her running shoes some personality.

I simply got jealous so I did the same ...

shoelace 05
Oh yes, out with the boring white and in with the new fancy shoelace!
This is my pair of running/gym shoes.

Are you wondering what are those multi-colored circular shapes in the shoelace? Let's take a closer look ...

shoelace 06
Smileys and polka dots! I found this shoelace in a small stall inside Theater Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center. I cannot remember the exact price but I'm pretty sure it didn't cost more than Php100.

Recently, chanced upon another pair of fancy shoelace at Artwork in Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. There were several choices but I figured I'd stick to a simpler design for my black sneakers.

shoelace 04
This is my pair of Keds all-black sneakers. This came with a black shoelace, as you can see in the photo, is still attached on the right shoe.

Don't you agree that the new shoelaces gave my sneakers a twist?

shoelace 03
The design is a simple combination of black and white. I still wanted a classic feel for my black sneakers. I bought this pair of shoelaces for less than Php50 at Artwork.

Sometimes, the details make a big difference in the way we see things. In this case, changing shoelaces can give our shoes a little personality and makes it a little more interesting to look at. Your shoes become flexible too! Simply change the shoelaces to fit your outfit or your mood. :)


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