Direksions by Direk Freddie

A blog was launched at the Republiq in Resorts World last June 22, 2010. It was called -- Direksions: Life Blogs of a Live Director by Freddie Santos.

I just need to take a shot of this sign. I found it very creative.

Freddie Santos is more fondly and more popularly known as Direk Freddie. Thus, the URL of his blog -- http://direkfreddie.com. He started his professional career in advertising before he became a stage actor. Later on, he pursued directing. To date, Direk Freddie has written and/or directed over 500 live productions totaling to thousands of performances!

In his portfolio, he has been concert director of Philippine pop artists like Regine Velasquez, Lea Salonga, Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, and Side-A to name a few. He is also a playwright, a lyricist, tv/video director and has directed various events for Sony, Philippine Air Lines, Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), etc.

We were served lunch before fully launching the blog. We had McDonald's! Republiq's kitchen was still under construction at the time of the event. No one complained. I thought it was an awesome idea.

It's Direk Freddie about to tell the story of his inspiration to start his blog.

Here's the front page of http://direkfreddie.com ...

The homepage already tells us that Direk Freddie has a lot to share with us! In the launching, he mentioned that we cannot rewind life, we are only reminded of it. And I quote "I’ve gathered more memories for one brain to try and remember…and I really don’t want to forget them". Direk Freddie likes the casualness of blogs and would like to use it to write and share with us his life. And so Direk Freddie's blography was born.

Direk Freddie explained to us how to navigate his site.

Direksions is divided into categories. As of now, the blogs will be either labeled under theater, concerts, and events. This site will be updated weekly. Make sure to browse through the categories every week to find out where the update was posted. Each category now has an outline so that readers will know what to expect.

A few laptops were setup during the event for guests to view Direksions.

My partner and I had our picture taken with Direk Freddie and one of his
special guests, Gary Valenciano.

Looking forward to the weekly updates!


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