Ballet Barbie: An Exhibit of Dolls

Partner and I, with a friend chanced upon an exhibit at Podium this week. Luckily, we witnessed the opening ceremony. It was called Ballet Barbie: An exhibit of dolls featuring fashion creations by the country's top couturiers. These Barbie Dolls were previously auctioned and exhibited last March 17, 2010 at the Peninsula's Rigodon Ballroom.

Mrs. Margie Moran-Floirendo, president of Ballet Philippines, gave an introduction during the opening ceremony.

The auction of Ballet Barbie dolls was a project to raise funds for Ballet Philippines scholars and dancers. More than 40 top designers from the Philippines were invited to dress up these popular dolls. They are:

As a child, my sister and I used to play with Barbie dolls. I remember anticipating Nanay coming home from work with a set of clothes or accessories for our Barbie collection. Looking at the dolls during the exhibit reminded me of my childhood. But most especially, it felt really nice to see these famous dolls dressed up by top Filipino designers.

Here are some of my favorites:

Left: by Joel Escober

Left: by Randy Ortiz
Right: by Barge Ramos

Left: by Barge Ramos
Right: by Aureo Alonso

Left: by Dong Omaga Diaz

Left: by Puey Quinones
Right: by Dong Omaga Diaz

Left: by Pitoy Moreno
Right: by Sassa Jimenez

Some of these Barbie are still up for grabs. Do check the the exhibit at Poduim from June 22-30, 2010. If you're interested in purchasing a Barbie Doll, you may visit Ballet Philippines' site here. The site contains all the Barbie collections by designer, including price and availability. The sale will help Ballet Philippines' scholars and dancers.


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  1. Nice dolls, I wish I could have the same collections like that, anyway thought this could be interesting to share I found this website that can create a super-realistic doll heads of anyone from just a photo. Imagine making doll of yourself, your kids, your boss or your favorite celebrity!

    Apparently they can make the heads in many scales to fit Barbie-like dolls, Tonner dolls or even smaller figurines like Polly Pocket.