What Is Your Favorite Flower?

As far as I can remember, the carnation has been and will always be my favorite flower.

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I never really liked receiving roses, which has been the all-time (?) favorite of many girls I know. I didn't throw the roses I received in the past but the beauty of carnations appeal to me more. Unfortunately, I have to say my preference in order to receive carnations. That really ruins the surprise of getting flowers.

So why am I writing about my favorite flower?

My spirits are down and it's the one thing that can turn my dampened spirit upside down. I haven't received one for the longest time but writing about it and remembering why I love it is enough ... for now.

Dianthus caryophyllus is the scientific name of carnation which means flower of love or flower of the gods. This flower means love, distinction, and fascination. Carnations have unique ruffled-shape petals. Whenever I look at this flower, it reminds me of an inverted petticoat skirt! And unlike most flowers, carnations does not wither fast.

Photo credits to geishaboy500

Carnations come in different colors. My favorite is the red (of course!). It's like most flowers that convey different messages depending on its color. The white is for purity of intention, the pink for gratitude, and the red for love or affection.

I hope I can mimic the carnation, distinct and fascinating.


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