Good bye, Medical Mayhem

I don't play anything in Facebook until a friend introduced me to Medical Mayhem. I was not interested in playing the more popular games like Farmville, Pet Society, and Cafe World to name a few. I only play Medical Mayhem. Why? It's because I find it not very time consuming. When I log in to Facebook, I log in to Medical Mayhem, I make a few updates and that's it!

So what is Medical Mayhem exactly? Well, it's a game wherein you manage your own hospital! Basically, you log in every 8 hours to welcome your patients. Once logged, your hospital will cure these patients. You don't have to be in the application for the hospital to run. This allows you to do other things you have to do!

Unfortunately, a few days ago, when I was about to play Medical Mayhem, this notice appeared:

Medical Mayhem is shutting down on the 28th of May 2010.

Yay! The only game I'm playing in Facebook is about to be extinct!

A picture of my hospital in Medical Mayhem

There are a few features that spice the game.

The Expert cures patients from other hospitals that were already diagnosed and are waiting in line to be cured. The higher the level, the more patients he can cure. The Hot Nurse steals patients from other hospitals. Same principle, the higher the level, the more patients she'll be able to steal. Lastly, the Spy steals information from other hospitals that consequently earns you money! His level determines the maximum income you can earn.

In the beginning there was only one mini game you can indulge in while waiting for the next wave of patients.

Help The Old Man Pee was the only mini game within Medical Mayhem when it started. With the help of your mouse pointer, you should shoot the old man's pee inside the moving urinal! Your goal is gain 1500 to win.

Later on, the developers of Medical Mayhem included 3 more mini games.

Tummy Twister is a mini game where you need to align 3 of the same colors in a vertical or horizontal line by interchanging the position of only 2 colors. Your objective is to earn 1000 to win.

E is for Enema is like a maze mini game. You have to align the pipes in order for the water at one end to reach Danny at the other end. You have a minute to complete this.

The Typing of the Dead is a mini game wherein you have to type the word/phrase/sentence that is carried over each patient's head that comes in from the right side of your screen. You need to blast each patient before it reaches your armed staff in the left. Capitalization is taken into consideration in this game. I particularly like this game because it challenges my typing skills.

There are also a few features that were added just recently that made Medical Mayhem more challenging. In a way, it was becoming more time consuming but it all depends on how competitive are you.

The Emergency Room generates questions for you to answer. Questions are refreshed sometimes. This game is actually very informative.

Spin a Win is a typical slot machine game. Depending on the outcome, it will give you a task to complete with corresponding money equivalent.

As much as I want this game to continue, it's time to say good bye. Yay! Any game in Facebook you'd like to recommend for me?


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