Experience and Enjoy Enchanted Kingdom's Biki Waterworld

There's a new place where you can beat the summer heat! Visit and cool down at Enchanted Kingdom's Biki Waterworld! Last weekend, a group of bloggers got invited here to experience the 1st inflatable water park in the Philippines! We participated in a game called Aqualympics that the organizers prepared for us. It was an effective way for us to try the various attractions within the water park.

Dragon Pool has the highest slide among the pools at EK's Biki Waterworld. Each giant inflatable pool is named based on the animal it was patterned from.

Aqualympics is like an amazing race type of game. We were divided into groups and were handed our 1st task. Our goal is to complete 6 tasks which involved physical endurance, (a lot of) teamwork, and mental work! It was very tiring and fun at the same time! Half of our tasks allowed us to try some of EK's Biki Waterworld's giant inflatable pools. Consequently, we got to enjoy playing with some of the inflatable toys you can use around the water park. There's the hamster wheel where you can actually go inside the wheel, pretend to be a hamster (haha!) and roll the wheel outside or inside a pool. There are also giant salbabidas and banana type inflatable toys. Hopefully, Biki Waterworld can offer Aqualympics to guests. That would really be exciting for families, especially those with kids. It's always nice to promote physical activities to both kids and adults alike.

The Olympic Pool is the largest pool in the water park.

For security and safety, each giant inflatable pool is watched by staffs of EK's Biki Waterworld. They are there to ensure safety and to help you if you need any sort of assistance.

Shark Pool is where i found a lot of children playing. Maybe because the height of its slide is relatively lower. Notice the stairs on the left side. Each pool with slide/s have these with ropes attached on each side for support.

Clean restrooms and shower rooms are provided inside the water park. There are tents, tables, and chairs located at the right side of the park for your use. They are also selling food inside Biki Waterworld. Unfortunately, they don't allow outside food.

Admission fee is P350. Until June 6, 2010, the water park is open Mondays-Fridays from 2:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturdays to Sundays from 11:00am to 9:00pm with fireworks display at 8:55PM. For more details, you may call 584-3535 or 584-4326 to 29.

Octopus Pool is also a kid's favorite because of its slides.

If you're planning to visit Enchanted Kingdom's Biki Waterworld, be reminded that guests are required to be in proper swimwear complete with swimming caps. Caps are sold for P70 each inside the water park.

Surely a fun-filled place for families and friends!


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  1. That swimming cap "rule" annoyed several guests, including myself. Other than that minor concern, Biki Waterworld is a fantastic concept!

  2. Inflatable water park that's excites me I'm 18 and I find this a very amusing Idea. Granted us high schoolers are essentially glorified little children that can be entertained for hours on sidewalk chalk and bubbles.