Nail Art: Gold and Flowers

I found nail stickers that can cover the entire nail while window shopping last weekend. I used them for this week's nail art.

Applications: 1 layer of base and top coat, 2 layers of Skin Food's gold nail polish

The colored nail polish is not necessary for this kind of nail art sticker since it can cover your entire nail. However, I don't have thin nails so I opted to apply a colored polish to cover the side of the nails. I originally planned to use a whiter shade as a base for the nail art stickers. I figured a whiter nail polish would help hide the part of the nail that will not be covered by the nail art sticker since the sticker has white glittery background. The golden polish will have to do for now. :)

Skin Food nail polish claims that it contains vitamin and keratin which actually prevents your nails from becoming brittle. This golden nail polish can be purchased at Skin Food shops. Branches can be found at major shopping malls. Their nail polish retails starting at Php195 per 13ml.

One blanket of the nail art stickers comes in 3 different designs. There are 10 stickers for each design. This retails at Php50 each. This is actually a bargain compared to having your nail art done in a nail salon that charges a minimum of Php15 per nail and increases depending on the intricacy of the nail art design!

Applying the nail art sticker is not difficult. Just gently peel off the sticker and press it down firmly on your nail. Apply a layer of colorless topcoat on the sticker and you're done! Don't worry if the sticker is too long for your nails. It is easy to cut it to fit your nail size. I do suggest applying the nail art sticker first before cutting it.


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