My LazerXtreme Experienze!

"Tag! You're it!"

Have you ever played that game when you were a kid? You form a group of 2 or more players and based on your rules, a player becomes an "it" and he/she chases other players in an attempt to tag another person by touching him. The player that was last touched becomes the "it".

A few weeks ago, I relived this game at LazerXtreme in Market! Market! at Taguig City.

LazerXtreme frontage at the 4th Floor of Market! Market! mall.

It is basically a tag game. But instead of chasing one another and attempting to touch another player, you will have a laser gun toy (so to speak) instead that emits laser beams! Cool!

The phaser guns are colored coded and will record your individual score.

Before entering the interactive arena, you and your friends will be ushered into a small room where you'll be introduced to the game itself and how to put on your armor and use your phaser gun. After that short briefing, you will then enter the next room where you will put on your armor. The phaser gun is attached to the armor. Each is identified through a given name that you'll be able to see in a small screen on your phaser gun. Mine was Reaver during our sessions.

One of the things I liked about LazerXtreme is that it has a scoring system. Scores will depend on what part of the body you hit an enemy and the number of times you tagged or destroyed an enemy base. Your armor or the phaser gun records your hits. What's more, the scored are detailed! After your game (lasts 15 minutes), you can immediately view your scored in a monitor situated right outside the exit door. They will also hand you a score sheet that has a detailed record of your game. The score sheet will have your rank, accuracy, areas you were tagged the most, areas you tagged to name a few. This actually encourages players to be competitive and strategic on how to move inside the arena.

Score sheets are handed out after each game which has your individual scores. So it's important to remember the name of your armor / phaser gun!

The interactive arena is relatively dark. You will be able to identify your teammates (if you're playing by teams) through the color of the armors. If the game is a free-for-all, color coding is not really important. The armor has several lights where you can be tagged -- shoulders, back, and front. Your phaser gun can also be tagged. When an enemy tags you, you will not be disabled for a few seconds. The time will depend on what body part you were tagged.

The interactive arena is like a maze. You must be able to position yourself well in order to gain advantage.

Since the arena is rather dark, wearing white or light-colored clothes will be a disadvantage because you will be easily spotted. It is also advisable to wear closed shoes, regardless if running is prohibited inside the arena. Bringing a small towel is a must! Even though the entire area is air-conditioned, chances are you'll sweat with all that chasing and hiding!

Lockers are provided to safe keep your personal belongings.

Food and refreshments can be purchased inside LazerXtreme. Perhaps the game drained you? Reward yourself with a snack or an energy drink!

LazerXtreme in Market! Market! is open daily. Weekday rates are at P170/person and charges P190/person during the weekend. They will be opening a bigger branch at Alabang Town Center soon!


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  1. Waaah I wanna try!!!!!!!!

  2. wow I'm sure this is fun. the last war game I had was on a Paintball field. :-D