E-Games Domination IV

When I started my gaming and internet shop almost a decade ago, I thought that being knowledgeable in operating computers is enough to manage the business. Eventually, I started playing LAN (Local Area Network) and online games in an attempt to get to know my players and find the reasons on how they choose the games that they want to play. For a few years, I got hooked into playing some online games. As a gamer, you're always on the lookout for new games. Unfortunately, work caught up with me and I had less and less time to play. But because I love my shop and my players, I always find time to keep myself updated with what's happening in the gaming community. Thanks to game publishers who makes it easier and fun for us to do so!

Last Saturday, April 10, 2010, I attended e-Games Domination IV at the SMX Convention Center. It was e-Games' biggest online gaming event since it started in 2005. Domination is e-Games' annual gaming event that attracts thousands of gamers. Domination IV topped its predecessors with more than 300 upscale gaming PCs with wireless internet connection for the tournaments and game trials during the event.

Nostale, Granada Espada, Cabal Online, RAN Online, Runes of Magic, and Audition are some of the games under e-Games. In Domination IV, they officially launched 3 more -- Superstar Online, Band Master and Dragonica.

Superstar Online will be the 1st online videoke game. Band Master is another casual music rhythm game. e-Games also launched Dragonica. This is a role-playing game in full 3D! Know the details here.

The event was graced by various artists and bands like Urbandub, POP Girls, Mark Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go, Parokya ni Edgar and Sugarfree to name a few.

See you all next year in Domination V!


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