Update: Mini Art Studio

Finally! My mini art studio / personal space is complete! The sofa I ordered was delivered early this week and it fit perfectly in the room! Here it is:

It's a pluvial sofa set that a friend and I found at Ansons furniture in their Ortigas branch. I've been looking for a good sofa ever since the renovation of the room started. At first, I wanted a single sofa bed but I was having a hard time finding one that was small enough to fit into the mini studio. So when my friend spotted this pluvial sofa, I decided to get it. It was slim and short enough for the studio and for me! I can now take a nap or a rest in between work! I now also have a decent place to entertain friends! The color in display was blue. Good thing that they allow color customization! I requested for dark red.

I also rearranged the orientation of the drafting board. In my Mini Art Studio post, the table is facing the wall with shelves. But in this orientation, I can always see the sofa! It's like a magnet and it's making me lazy! So I decided to reposition the drafting table. It is now facing the wall where the air conditioner is installed. This way, when I'm drawing, my back will be against the sofa!

Overall, I'm happy with how the room turned out. A few more things to add and it will be perfect!


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