Mini Art Studio

Ever since I started drawing again early of 2009, I've been wanting to renovate that small place in front of my internet shop. Before, it was very open to public's scrutiny. Every customer can see me when they pass through that small personal place I have. It became very irritating because I can't seem to work effectively. I easily get distracted with people passing in front of me and I consequently lose any momentum I have with my drawing. But all these rants are now gone! My mini space is now renovated! I fondly call it my mini art studio!

This is my drawing table, given as a gift from my sister.

I cannot survive without a carpet because I love to draw barefooted. Haha! I don't know exactly why but it has become a habit. Probably because I feel more relaxed?

This is where the small couch will go. I'm still waiting for it to be delivered. The sofa is a must since I intend to take naps in between work. I don't want to go home just for that. Also, I'd like my guests to have a decent place to sit in. Stay tuned for the sofa pics! I'm excited!

You've probably noticed by now that every accessory is a shade of red. It's my favorite color! My drawing chair is red. The carpet is red. The curtain is of course, red. The sofa will be red!

Before the renovation, my walls were dark green. It was hard for me to draw because it seemed really dark even with my lamp on. Speaking of, the lamp is a gift from my parents. Hmm, I guess it's safe to say that most of the things I use for my art are gifts from family and friends. If you noticed the mask in the overhead shelves, it was given as a pasalubong from my good friends Fitz and Dondon from Bacolod's Masskara Festival.

I'm loving my newly renovated personal space. Super thanks to my parents who made the construction possible.


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