Globe's My Super Plan

Globe is now offering smarter plans for its postpaid subscribers with My Super Plan!

I've been a Globe subscriber ever since I got my 1st mobile phone. Even though other networks offered more practical plans, I stayed loyal to Globe primarily because I hate the hassle of changing my mobile number and letting my contacts know my new number. Through the years, I've been changing my subscription plan according to my usage. I always find calls more effective than text messages. I mean, a one-minute phone call is more productive than exchanging multiple text messages. So most of the time, I'd rather call than text. But of course when things are not urgent, I do send a text message instead. Anyway, I usually get an average monthly bill of Php1000. Sometimes, it gets much higher! Haha! Hence, when Sun and Smart offered unlimited calls to their subscribers, I was actually tempted to switch network. But as I said, I am loyal to Globe. And now I am so glad that they're offering My Super Plan!

Image was grabbed from Globe's official site.

My Super Plan is the first fully-customizable mobile subscription packages offered by Globe. Depending on your monthly usage, budget and lifestyle, you can now choose the services that fits you. These plans are UNLIMITED packages! What's more, you can change your plan monthly!

I was a GFlex 800 subscriber for more than 2 years already. This afternoon, I availed of My Super Plan! I combined SuperDuo + SuperTxt amounting to P945/month.

Here are the details of My Super Plan as posted in Globe's site:

Super Txt (P349/month)
• All-you-can text to Globe/TM/Tattoo numbers nationwide

DUO (P450/month)
• All-you-can calls to non-Globelines landline/other DUO/Super DUO numbers within the same registered area
• All-you-can calls to Globeline numbers nationwide

Super DUO (P599/month)
• All-you-can calls to non-Globelines within the same registered area
• All-you-can calls to Globe/TM/Tattoo/Globeline numbers nationwide

Super Unli (P599/month)
• All-you-can call and text to Globe, TM, and Tattoo numbers nationwide

Super Surf (P1,200/month)
• All-you-can mobile chatting, downloading, emailing and surfing wherever you go

Super Surf for Blackberry (P1,200/month)
• All-you-can mobile chatting, downloading, emailing (with push email) and surfing wherever you go with your Blackberry phone

To avail of Globe's My Super Plan, you must be out of your lock-in period from your current plan. I also asked Globe's customer service about the rates if I call or text to other cellular network. Prepaid rates will apply on top of your My Super Plan.

Local Calls - P6.50/min Intra and P7.50/min Inter
Text - P1/sms or for every 160 characters
International Calls - $0.40/IDD min
International SMS - P10/ISMS

If you're interested to get your very own My Super Plan, you can simply download the form here and submit it to any Globe Business Center together with the following requirements:

1. Proof of Identification
2. Proof of Billing Address
3. Proof of Financial Capacity (with a minimum gross monthly income of Php10,000)

You can also call Globe Direct at (02) 730-1588, Globe Customer Service (02) 730-1000 or 211 via your mobile phone. I changed my plan through their customer service. It will save you the hassle of visiting a business center. This is applicable if you're an existing postpaid subscriber.

Prepaid subscribers can also avail of the My Super Plan as long as you can submit the requirements. However, Globe will provide you a postpaid no.

Click here for more details! Hurry! Offer is available only from March 14 to June 30, 2010.


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  1. Hi Rins,

    I just found out that all these services are applicable to prepaid subscribers (at the same prices) as well except for Superunli 599. If you travel a lot and require unlimited roaming, are paranoid about running out of load, or love Superunli the postpaid option is for you.

    For those who pretty much stay put, hate bills and just call fellow globe/TM and landlines and text other globe/TM subs prepaid will suit you just fine.

  2. Hi Rose,

    I belong to the paranoid-about-running-out-of-load group. Haha! That's why I opted for a postpaid subscription from Globe. However, I do tend to over budget my usage. And so the My Super Plan is an advantage to me. :)

    Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your insights.

  3. @rose: as far as i know (i think i read it in globe's super plan faq page), the superunli 599 doesn't work with roaming. it will be deactivated temporarily until you return to the philippines. therefore, while in roaming, normal prepaid romaing rates apply (e.g. P1/sms). the only advantage, you don't have to worry about reloading. you only have to manage up to your account limit.

  4. Thanks for giving information.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Okay ang postpaid plan but I think using prepaid sim is still the best! Mas kontrolado mo ang gamit ng load pag prepaid. By the way, if you are a globe prepaid user you can load your account here.