Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

My friends and I were able to make a side trip to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetary in Laguna after our Exposure Trip to Binalot's DAHON Community that happened in the same province.

Tablet stating historical facts about Nagcarlan Underground Cemetary

English Translation:
Underground Cemetery of Nagcarlan

This is the only underground cemetery in the Philippines which makes it unique. It was built by the Franciscan missionaries in 1845 led by Father Vicente Velloc. It was constructed simultaneously with the renovation of San Bartolome Church and a convent.

This served as secret meeting place for Filipino revolutionary leaders on 1896. Later, it served as a burial ground for Spanish friars.

On July 11, 1978, by Presidential Decree (P.D.) No. 1505 that amended P.D. No. 260 of August 01, 1973, this cemetery was proclaimed a Philippine historical landmark.

Entrance to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

The cemetery's facade is a highly-maintained lawn with paths made of brick . It is open for public viewing from Tuesdays to Sundays, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. My friends and I were not allowed to use flash when taking pictures inside the the crypt. Hence, the poor quality of the images.

Arc entrance to underground cemetery

Inside the crypt

There is no entrance fee but you will be required to register upon entering. To help maintain this historical landmark, you may want to purchase some merchandise such as prayer pamphlets and rosaries that are sold near the altar.

Gravestones inside the underground cemetery


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