My Valentine's Day

The thing about Valentine's Day, single gals like myself often feel lonely for what seems to be for an obvious reason. This year, I refused to feel lonely simply because I know there are other ways of celebrating Valentine's Day aside from having a romantic date. It's a day to celebrate love and perhaps I'm not in love right now but it doesn't mean I cannot celebrate other forms of love.

By 5pm on Valentine's Day, I went to mass at UP Parish Church. The day wouldn't just feel right without celebrating God's love. I spotted a very good friend during Communion whom I haven't seen for months! After mass, we got to talking and just like any other get-together we have, the stories just kept pouring in! But I needed to go and so did she. Although our conversation only lasted approximately half an hour, it made me feel good.

The next agenda on my list is to catch the Pyromusical International Competition at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) that will start by 7pm. As expected, traffic was terrible. My (another) friend and I were stuck in traffic. We were supposed to meet (yet another) friend who's already in MOA. We simply asked him to come to us instead. Haha! While in traffic, I recorded the light display showcased infront of the mall. My apologies for the low video quality as it was taken using my mobile phone. I also didn't remove the sound.

The Pyromusical was almost done when we parked so we decided to have dinner instead. 2 more friends joined us for dinner and for dessert. By the end of the day, I realized that really, the best medicine when you're feeling down is to surround yourself with good friends! I may be feeling lonely but knowing that you are all always there for me is more than enough to remedy a broken heart.

Belated Happy Valentine's to all!

Photo credits to Don Trivino


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