Century Tuna Superbods Run - February 2010

Me and my sister

The 1st leg of the Century Tuna Superbods Run just concluded last Sunday, February 21, 2010. I ran the 5km route and finished in 38 minutes and 41 seconds. Not bad? It was my 4th fun run after my sister encouraged me to join last year.

I couldn't say that I had a good run. With more than 11,000 participants to boost, I had a hard time pacing myself. There were countless times that I will gain momentum on my speed only to be forced to slow down because I couldn't squeeze myself in between runners. There were just too many people! It was a good thing they provided us with disposable timing chips because I didn't need to worry about how far I was from the starting line. The chip will record my time accurately from when I cross the starting line to the finish line and not just rely on gun start.

at the finish line

Surprisingly, I saw a few friends during the event. It was their 1st time to join a fun run and I honestly thought that the hype of the event encouraged a lot of beginners to join and start a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, this would also mean that I will not be running the 5km route alone for the succeeding fun runs that I'll be joining!



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